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We provide online news sources and publishers with content and we’re always willing to work with businesses online and offline to showcase their new products, services or events to help them get their news out.

For ECommerce site owners this is a very powerful alternative to using traditional forms of online advertising. We craft a very specific news release around an event in your business. This could be your new store; a new product you’re introducing; a product for a specific event, holiday or season; a new employee etc. etc. Together we find something newsworthy or create some news about your business. We will then publish this announcement to all our national syndication partners including dozens of Newspaper, TV & Radio News Websites, including affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX from several cities across the country. Once done, we help you leverage this national coverage by incorporating it into your website and social media marketing.

By promoting this news to national online media outlets and major search engines, we create a very powerful piece of content for your business leading to much more exposure online which leads to more sales. You will be able to point to your content on any of these sites which will  give you great credibility in what is after all, a highly competitive industry.

You need to STAND OUT. A Press Release for your E-Commerce business will allow you to do just that and at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising for much greater exposure.

SEO & Backlinks

Of course there is one major added benefit to all this extra publicity which remains hidden to the average person.

BACKLINKS! Your press release will contain backlinks to your ECommerce site which will then be syndicated to dozens of different high PR news and news-related site. This is SEO gold – and the best bit is – you never have to touch a single one. Because the links are contained in your press release they are automatically posted to these sites in a perfectly white-hat way. And because you have a genuine reason for the press release they are added in a non-spammy way too. Google loves these kinds of links and it will give your site a major boost.

Imagine doing it regularly too, giving your site a major kick up the rankings.

So no matter whether you’re a Shopify store owner, you sell on Amazon or eBay or use another ECommerce platform, you can achieve much more for far less by using this much under-used method of promotion.

Our Syndication Partners

This is just a small sample of our syndication partners and an indication of where your news will be released to.

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