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Your Location Authority Press Release

We provide online news sources with content about successful small business owners.

We can profile you in a nationally syndicated news release about some newsworthy event in your business or a simple ‘What’s Working Now’ in your business. It will appear on the websites of dozens of local ABC/NBC/CBS/FOX stations, plus several newspaper and radio station websites.

But the benefit is far more than just exposure for your business.

We specialize in helping small business owners leverage our powerful network of national media resources to build their brand locally.

At the same time, it builds “Google Authority,” which is the trust and value Google gives to a business. Your story will be designed in a very specific way to maximize this Google Authority, while enhancing your previous search optimization efforts.

It will include:-

  • your local citation (which is your name, address and phone number)
  • backlinks to your site
  • Google listing and
  • an embed of your Google Map.

All these elements send signals to Google that you are a preferred business, and are proven to positively affect search rankings.

Because of our media relationships, your optimized story (with citations and backlinks) will appear on dozens of trusted news sites within 72 hours.


The Process


It’s a simple 3-step process:

1. We create an optimized news release about your business and a newsworthy event e.g. a new product or service offering, new contract, an upcoming event etc. etc. It will include a quote from you, backlinks to your website, local citation and a picture of you or your business.

2. We publish it to all our national syndication partners. Dozens of Newspaper, TV & Radio News websites including affiliates of ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX from several cities across the country will post it. This will give you dozens of citations and backlinks from trusted sites.

3. We then help you leverage this national coverage by incorporating it into an engaging social media campaign. Your customers and followers will see that you are being talked about all over the United States

Sometimes, these are the most popular posts of the year for clients.


There is not a more straightforward or quicker way for you to increase your ranking or your authority in your marketplace.

The best part – you can do this as often as you’d like. As long as you have some kind of legitimate news about your business to share, then we can help you make more out of it than you ever thought possible and ensure you are the first place your potential customers or clients come when looking for your particular type of business.

Our Syndication Partners

This is just a  small sample of our syndication partners and an indication of where your news will be released to.


We guarantee that your Press Release will be syndicated in the manner outlined on this page. We will provide you with a Distribution Report as proof of our work.


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